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Who we are

We are a group of homeopaths with 20-40 years of practice. In our practice we have experienced phenomena not explainable by the present paradigm (worldview). We understand that homeopathy belongs to the new paradigm emerging already over the last 100 years.

The new vision of the world comprises connectedness, coherence, concern and care for everything. This paradigm shift is necessary for our time to evolve into a sustainable and hopeful future. Join us in sharing all kinds of non-local, coherent, synchronized, unifying experiences and phenomena that can inspire, inform and connect us. The new paradigm is connected also with the freedom of choice, ecology, alternative medicine, green and higher memes (according to Clare W. Graves). You can share also any valuable sources, articles, videos, movies, books, research supporting and explaining updated comprehension of the reality.


The future comes from within, from the freedom of choice, from freedom of health and freedom of thought. Join us to let humans, humankind and the planet fulfil its potential in the best possible way. We need to rise to a critical number of people for whom the love, wholeness, community, ecology, compassion with other living beings is a common part of life.

Our intention is to facilitate the evolution of humankind to the new vision of reality. We believe that is the only way to be able to solve seemingly unsolvable problems we meet globally at this time on all levels (ecological catastrophes, global warming, depletion of soil, extinction of animal and plant species, failing health system, dictatures, nationalism, the polarization of societies, depression, solitude and many more…). Let´s evolve together into the new consciousness and let´s save the future of humanity and the Earth.

Let´s evolve together into the new consciousness and let´s save the future of humanity and the Earth. Everybody is welcomed, except trolls and haters to be a part of the movement, independently of your age, profession or experience. Together we can reach our goal.

Why Quintessence

Why the name Quintessence? In medieval cosmology, science and alchemy, this word denoted element of aether, the fifth element that fills the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere. Today this term is used in physics for dark energy.
The most important discovery of the emerging new paradigm in science is the existence of the field behind visible reality from which the material world and consciousness is arising.
This field has many names and it was known also in many old traditions. The cutting-edge science is now meeting with old wisdom. Its names are e.g.: Zero Point Field, Quantum Vaccum, Unified Vacuum, Implicate Order, Informed Holographic Field, Aether, Akashic Field, Dao. This connecting field from which the material world is arising is essential for the new arising paradigm of the reality.


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