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Glasgow Wake Up Call event

Glasgow Wakeup Call

On the last day of October, precisely at 9 a.m., the 26th UN Conference on Climate Change starts in Glasgow. A group of international policy makers is going to discuss and decide about measures to ward off the impending climate catastrophe. The life and wellbeing of billions of people depend on the select group of conference participants to agree on effective measures to halt climate change.

What can we do to throw our weight in for the wellbeing of Earth and ensure a decisive result for the Glasgow conference?

We at the Quintessence Forum are offering everybody a way to contribute to a positive outcome. By synchronizing our collective consciousness and focusing it on a single, positive, and concrete intention, we can create a wave that gets noticed and will have a strong impact.

The way for you to become part of this wave is straightforward. Download this short audio file and listen to it at least 5 minutes. The audio is a one-minute recording of ocean waves, upon which the intention “Opening up to loving care” has been imprinted by Peter Chappel.

At this time, we ask you to forward the mail to as many other people as possible, so that on the 31st of October, at precisely 9.00 (a.m.) GMT (click to find your time zone) or/and 21.00 (9.00 p.m.) GMT (click to find  your time). At this time people all over the world will start to listen to this audio file or watch the video and pool their synchronized intentions into one huge, unstoppable wave to opening to loving care for our planet, everything living on it and us humans.

More information about this initiative is available on our website (link).

Please forward this information to as many people as possible so that we will all be prepared and ready to go on October 31st.

With heartfelt greetings,
the Quintessence Forum

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4 variants of the sound Opening to loving care

Below are 4 versions of the sound imprinted by the intention “Opening up to loving care” by Peter Chappell. First one is downloadable audio file. The second is online audio player.

The following two videos are uploaded to YouTube channel of Quintessence Forum. First one is using as graphics videos, the second one is composed of static pictures. The background sound is the very same audio file as you can download and plays the most important part here. You can decide which video you will chose or you can listen both subsequently.
You can listen the sound repeatedly, just, please, synchronize with all others at October 31st 2021 at 9.00 and 21.00.

The Glasgow Wakeup Call and the Quintessence Forum

The Quintessence Forum is a movement devoted to the evolution of consciousness of humanity in alignment with an emerging paradigm, a revolution in the way humanity perceives itself.  This paradigm shift, catalyzed by discoveries in physics, elaborated upon by deep spiritual, mystical, and philosophical explorations, and necessitated by cataclysmic events threatening the survival of our species, replaces materialism and reductionism with an understanding that consciousness is the ground of being, and that we are all deeply interconnected with each other and with the myriad other ways of being on our planet. The Quintessence Forum started with the self evolution of world homeopathic community but aims to transcend limits of professional experience willing to become a stimulus of the transformation for every human being.

The practice of homeopathy has taught us that consciousness, health, and life can be radically healed through the use of energetic resonances. We must therefore expand our efforts to treat not only suffering individuals, but to healing our collective consciousness, which currently appears to be unable to stop catastrophic global warming through continued consumption of fossil fuels and resulting carbon emissions. To that end we are calling for the transmission of this energetic resonance, eliciting love and care for our planet, to as many people as possible on the first day of the Glasgow Climate Conference, October 31st.


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If you are interested in the new worldview emerging in our time, join our movement. We have started by transformation of the view of homeopaths organizing online symposiums where advanced homeopaths share they experience with the phenomena until recently were held under cover.
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